Irrigate Aggregate City

Student Work

Site: New Songdo City, South Korea
Professors: David Mah, Leyre Asensio-Villoria, Gijs Libourel
Semester: Spring 2010

The trend of designing cities from zero fosters visionary conceptions of the urban environment. An absence of contextual cues enables the re-imagination of urban development and lifestyle. KPF’s New Songdo City master plan and research was utilized as a starting point to investigate novel urbanization strategies.

To evaluate potential scales and qualities of urban organization, the aggregate building type was considered and subdivided in to eight unique formal actions: pivot, link, branch, scatter, stack, excavate, spiral, and step. A hybrid aggregate type, stacking link, was investigated in detail at the scale of the block, the super block, the district, and the city.




Ashley self same irrigate render